Charter of the Luther Conant Parent Teacher Organization

Article One – Name 

The name of this organization shall be the Luther Conant Parent Teacher Organization (“Conant PTO”). 

Article Two - Location

The organization office is in the Town of Acton, Massachusetts.

Article Three – Purpose 

The purpose of the Conant PTO is to encourage and facilitate the mutual participation of parents, faculty, and students (as interdependent members of one school community) in the educational process. Said association is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including, for such purpose, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding sections of any future federal tax codes. The Conant PTO, through its activities, provides a forum for information exchange, and a structure which will promote and foster the continuing pursuit of excellence in the educational experience. Specifically, the Conant PTO endeavors to do the following:

  • Foster communication between faculty, parents and students;
  • Foster sense of community between faculty, parents and students through sponsored events and activities;
  • Present topical programs to inform the membership, and to involve the membership in the educational process;
  • Encourage and coordinate parent participation in the volunteer program at the Luther Conant School;
  • Provide fund raising events and activities;
  • Serve the school in other ways as needed throughout the school year including but not limited to special meetings, capital equipment purchases, etc.

Article Four – Membership 

All parents/guardians whose children attend Luther Conant School are members of the Conant PTO. All faculty members of the Luther Conant School are members of the Conant PTO.

Article Five – Organization 

The Conant PTO General Board will be composed of the following positions:

  • Executive Board Members ("Executive Board") The Executive Board may or may not include a President and/or Vice President. It also includes:
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Other Executive Board Members (up to three)
  • Luther Conant School Principal
  • Luther Conant School Assistant Principal
  • Faculty Representative(s)

Job Descriptions and Primary Duties: 

Executive Board: presides at meetings, formulates meeting agenda, acts as spokesperson, and is responsible for on-going functions of the Conant PTO.  Coordinates organization of incoming Board positions. Oversees Conant PTO Committees and oversees fundraising activities.

Secretary:  attends PTO meetings, takes and reports the minutes, is responsible for PTO correspondence and scheduling meetings and events through AB Community Education. 

Treasurer: maintains all financial records of the Conant PTO, writes checks, pays bills and acts as custodian of all financial records and information.  Provides the Conant PTO with monthly status reports. Ensures that yearly mandated tax-related filings are completed and filed. Maintains necessary filings for non-profit status.

The Conant PTO will also include the following position that is not a part of the Conant PTO General Board (therefore not subject to the responsibilities of such General Board):

Volunteer Coordinator:  acts as a conduit to pass information from the PTO to the larger Conant community through the room coordinators. This position may also coordinate the Luther Conant School publication, Newsflash.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Board members to administer the business affairs of the PTO and to attend Board meetings. 

Article Six – Terms of Office 

In the Spring, each PTO General Board Member and Chairperson who has served for only one year is asked by the President if they wish to continue in their present position for the following school year.  Each Executive Board Member is expected to complete two years in that position. All positions which have been held by the same person for more than two years are listed as open.  However, if the position is not requested by anyone else, one may continue in the same position if they wish to.  If the same position is requested by more than one person (one might be the incumbent), a general election may be held.  All new position holders should attend the last meeting of the year.

The number of faculty representatives serving on the Conant PTO Board shall be determined by the faculty.  Faculty representatives may serve for any number of years. 

 Article Seven – Representatives 

Representatives serve as information conduits for the Conant PTO.  They attend the regularly scheduled meetings of the designated bodies as well as the regularly scheduled PTO meetings and inform PTO members of news and activities in a timely manner. 

Representative positions include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Inter-School Council Representative:  attends Inter-School Council meetings with representatives of all the Acton School.  Carries Luther Conant School PTO concerns to the Superintendent and reports to the PTO. 

Representatives to any of the Superintendent’s Advisor Councils and Task Forces: attends meetings with representative from school and community organizations.  Reports to PTO. 

Article Eight  – Working Committees 

Working committees shall be established as necessary.  Chairpeople of all committees shall report to the Executive Board as necessary and shall keep accurate notebooks and attend PTO meetings. 

Article Nine – Finances 

  • All money spent by the Conant PTO shall be raised by fund raising activities and donations. 
  • The Conant PTO Fiscal year shall be defined as July 1 of the current academic year through June 30 of the following academic year.
  • Activities funded by the Conant PTO shall be reviewed annually in the Spring by The PTO Executive Board, Luther Conant’s Principal and Vice Principal.  A recommended budget for the next fiscal year will be presented to the Conant PTO membership for approval by a majority vote of the PTO meeting. 
  • The purpose of PTO events and activities is to foster a sense of community so that everyone benefits. As such, fees to enter or participate in activities should be kept at a minimum. Ticket prices, entry fees, etc. for each activity shall be set by the Executive Board. No changes in these prices may be made without prior written approval from the Executive Board.
  • Non-budgeted expenditures under $150 shall be approved by the Executive Board 
  • Requests for non-budgeted expenditures over $150 shall be submitted to the Executive Board.  The  Executive Board will evaluate requests through discussions with faculty and parents and by comparison to established PTO goals and priorities.  The Executive Board will present requests, along with recommendations, to the Conant PTO membership for approval by a majority vote of the Conant PTO meeting. 
  • Staff requests for funding of non-budgeted items totaling up to $120 per teacher per grade level per school year, that benefit Conant and its students, shall be submitted to the Executive Board who will present them for approved by the Luther Conant’s Principal. These requests must meet specified criteria for categories of reimbursable expenses.
  • In the event of dissolution of the association, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, to the Luther Conant School to be used to enhance the education experience of Luther Conant School students as the discretion of the Principal. 

Article Ten – Meetings 

The Conant PTO (consisting of all or any of it’s members) as well as the Executive Board shall meet on a regular basis at the Luther Conant School, unless otherwise arranged.  All Conant PTO members are encouraged to attend PTO General  meetings. 

A majority of the Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum during an Executive Board meeting. A majority of PTO members shall constitute a quorum during a PTO General Meeting. All motions shall be adopted by a simple majority of those present and voting. 

Special Conant PTO meetings shall be called as required by the Executive Board.


Article Eleven – Amendments 

The charter must be reviewed every 3 (three) years and may be amended by a simple majority of members present and voting at a regularly scheduled PTO meeting. 

Approved April 1, 1990 
Approved April 14, 1992 
Approved May 9, 1995 
Pending Approval October 6, 2010 
Approved July 31, 2012
Pending Approval May 17, 2017
Approved May 23, 2017

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