Welcome to LUTHER CONANT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL where the whole child is the whole idea. We hope that your family's time here will be a rewarding and enriching experience.


Conant school is truly fortunate to have dedicated and generous parent volunteers. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) invites and encourages every parent or guardian of a Conant student to participate, by sharing their time, talents and resources to make our school a wonderful place in which to learn.
Giving parents the opportunity to be actively involved with their child’s education gives our children a better opportunity to succeed. Parent volunteers send the message to their children that they care, about them and about their school.


The PTO offers many volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved, regardless of time constraints. These are just some of the things that helping hands can do -

During school hours

  Lead nature walks
  Chaperone field trips
  Help in the Library
  Read to your child’s class
  Participate in teacher-led classroom projects
  Copy materials for teachers and save them precious prep time


After school hours

  Attend meetings and take an active role
  Be a Classroom Parent
  Participate in Social events
  Help us with gardening activities


We look forward to meeting and working with you!

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